International Clients

I, Dr. iur. Stefan Daniel Josef Schmitz, am a Civil law Notary in Bonn. I provide any notarial services, including drafting, notarization and execution of contracts and other deeds, inter alia

  • real estate purchase contracts,
  • establishment of limited liability companies (GmbH) and stock corporations (AG), including any amendments to the articles of association, capital increases, changes of name etc.,
  • reorganisation of companies,
  • share purchase agreements on shares in a GmbH or GmbH & Co. KG,
  • applications to the commercial register (Handelsregister),
  • draw up and register wills (Testament or Erbvertrag),
  • applications to certificates of inheritance (Erbschein or Europäisches Nachlasszeugnis),
  • matrimonial agreements (Eheverträge),
  • divorce settlements (Scheidungsfolgenvereinbarungen),
  • affidavits,
  • notarial certification, including arranging legalisation, e.g. by an Apostille according to The Hague Convention.

Many of the abovementioned contracts and declarations have to be notarized according to German law; otherwise they are null and void.

I can notarize all contracts in English and draft many of them.

The fees for all notarial services are fixed by law (in the Act on Court’s and Notary’s Costs). This law provides for a special social fee system that is intended to give everyone access to notarial services. The fees are therefore not based on the time spent by the notary, but only on the value of the transaction or the deed. Such value is determined by e.g. the purchase price or the market value of the donated property. As the value increases the fees also increase.

It is not permitted by law to deviate from these statutory fixed fees. Thus, an agreement on these statutory fees is not allowed and would be void, regardless of whether it would result in higher or lower fees compared to the statutory fees.

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